BTC and XRP – Prices continue to rise

BTC and XRP – Prices continue to rise



The price of Bitcoin has been moving sideways since last week as it came up to $40,000 area but then fell to $33,813 at its lowest point yesterday. This occurred after recovery and now we are seeing another minor one with the price reaching $37,486. Currently, it is being traded slightly lower but is still in an upward trajectory.


Looking at the 4 hour chart, you can see that the price made it slightly below the 0.382 Fib level on Sunday’s low but managed to pull back up above it. This could indicate that support has been found but we are still yet to see if it manages to exceed the local high at the 0.618 Fib level. 

The primary scenario is one in which we are seeing an ABC correction of a higher degree and so far this has played out. The downfall below the 0.5 Fibonacci level has confirmed the previously assumed ABC to the upside which is the B wave from the higher degree count. 

This is why from here we would be expecting the continuation to the downside, but that might not come as expected. The C wave which was projected to the downside should have been developing a five-wave impulse but has instead made a three-wave decrease followed by a recovery. 

Now if the price continues increasing this count might get invalidated but this would potentially still be the part of the correctional count which is set to push the price lower.


The price of Ripple has been increasing and came up by 13.87% from its yesterday’s low at $0.2714 to $0.309 where it is now being traded.


On the 4-hour chart, you can see that the price broke out from the descending triangle on the upside after the third interaction with the horizontal support level was made. As the price found support there we have seen a bounce that led the price for a breakout and a higher high was made compared to the previous local one.

This could be the start of the 5th wave from the five-wave impulse that started in December last year after the price made the end of the significant downside move. The price hasn’t made it inside the territory of the 1st wave which makes this scenario valid and now if we are seeing the development of the 5th wave it is set to push the price of Ripple higher then on the 7th of January where the ending point of the 3rd wave is.

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