Crisis or conspiracy?

With trillions of dollars being pumped OUT of the markets during the crisis and there needing to be a winner for every loser. Where has all the money gone?


What if there was a group of the world’s super elite, pumping money in and out of markets in order to control the world?

What if these people are the reason that people get up and do the 9-5 grind every morning?

What if this is the push for the price of Chinese goods to rise?


If you look through market history, every time something unordinary happens out of nowhere in the markets there is a significant change in the world’s politics.

George Bush gets elected president, huge bull market against the USD occurs. 2 months before George Bush moves out of the white house, bull market crashes, someone makes a fortune whilst the common folk end up having to work harder for the same money.

We are in a financial crisis (at least according to media) and at the same time the US is pushing for a floating Chinese currency. Revolution is happening in the lands where potential sweat shops can be created and profit can be turned. China has become an uncontrollable super power, with a large density of millionaires and a low cost of living. It’s obvious that the fact china has it so easy (at least for the rich) is annoying a lot of the world’s super powers, could this be part of the reason for the ‘crisis’. The worlds super powers trying to shake china off the radar by attacking the world economy?

Or is this merely the ex-super powers being upset that their past business are now being hit hard by stronger competition?

Could the first African-American president be only an encouragement to the people to maintain order and workmanship in the world? Does it provide hope to a safe and steady future? Is he just a puppet on a string providing the super powers what they need from the world’s biggest economy?


There are some days where we are trading and see some really uncharacteristic and unrealistic moves in the market that make no sense fundamentally or technically. Is this the super powers showing who is boss? Spinning money out of the market and into their pockets? Keeping the over aggressive bank traders on their toes so that their ruthlessness doesn’t make them the worlds super powers?


It’s impossible for the average person to find answers to these questions. But it allows a little perspective into why things MIGHT happen in the market. There are no yes or no, true or false answers. But one thing is for sure, trillions of dollars of profit was made during the crisis, but it has vanished without a trace. Where has it gone?



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