Dreaming of Being PAMM Manager? Join FX Market Masters October 2014!

Dreaming of Being PAMM Manager? Join FX Market Masters October 2014!

October 6th, FXOpne launches its regular FX Market Masters competition with a PAMM account and a sizable deposit in it as the main prize! All the participating traders can get a share of the US$4,500 prize and bonus fund – so everyone will get a chance to gain profit! Hurry, registration has already started!

There are 3 key reasons to participate in FX Market Masters October:

  1. You can refine and adjust your strategy using long timeframe price patterns, market reports data and analytical outlooks provided in FXOpen blog.
  2. For only a US$9 entry fee, you get a chance to win one of the 5 main prizes and part of the US$3,000 bonus pool.
  3. FX Market Masters is a bridge connecting an enthusiast with professional trading; it is an environment to upgrade skills and gain new experience.

The main prizes will be distributed among the top 5 traders as follows:

    • 1st place – 68%*
    • 2nd place –15%*
    • 3rd place – 10%*
    • 4th place – 5%*
    • 5th place – 2%*

*- % of the competition prize fund or of the guaranteed prize, if the contest prize fund is less than US$1,500.
Join now and who knows, FX Market Masters October may become a good start of your career as a PAMM Manager!

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