“FX Market Masters September 2012”! Join now!

“FX Market Masters September 2012”! Join now!

FXOpen announced a start of applying for participation in the contest between traders “FX Market Masters September 2012”, in which a winner will get a post of PAMM ECN account manager with a balance of $1000.

“FX Market Masters September 2012”! Join now!

FXOpen regularly holds such qualifying tournaments – 5 traders have already received the ability to manage large accounts this year. Everyone, who wants to, can participate in the competition. Registration is available until September, 2 and the contest will be held since September, 3 to September, 28.

On the first day of the contest each participant will get a start-up deposit – $5000. The task is rather simple – to trade and to make profit. The winner will be the trader with the biggest capital at the end of the competition. By the way, all participants with the profit of 80% (or more) will receive cash bonuses.

The terms of the competition:

  • Participation is free;
  • Start-up deposit $5000 and a leverage 1:100 are provided;
  • Currency pairs: 28;
  • Lot: from 0.1 to 1 (one order can be opened with only 1 lot);
  • Maximum number of orders (including pending ones): 5;
  • Minimum: 50 participants;
  • Advisors are prohibited;
  • Lock is forbidden;
  • Minimum number of trades: 20;
  • Minimum volume of all trades (in lots): 20.

There are 7 prizes:

  • 1st place – $1000 + bonus;
  • 2nd place – $400 + bonus;
  • 3rd place – $200 + bonus;
  • 4th place – $120 + bonus;
  • 5th place – $100 + bonus;
  • 6th place – $100 + bonus;
  • 7th place – $80 + bonus.


is available only for authorized users of ForexCup.com

Participant’s Guide

  1. Go to Open a Live Account, choose the “Personal” account type and fill out the form  to receive login details for www.forexcup.com (more…);
  2. Go to Open micro trading account, on which your bonuses and prizes will be transferred.
  3. Log on to www.forexcup.com with your registered e-mail and the MyFXOpen password (the details you received after the registration);
  4. Join a ForexCup competition;
  5. Download and install the Meta Trader 4 trading terminal (download);
  6. Run Meta Trader 4 on your computer;
  7. Select File > Login in the Meta Trader 4 and enter the number and trader’s password for your ForexCup competition demo account.

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