FXOLeenock wins MLG Providence

FXOLeenock wins MLG Providence

Dong Nyung ‘Leenock’  – a 16-year-old  StarCraft genius from FXOpen e-Sports team wins MLG Providence.

The National Championship for Major League Gaming (MLG) was held in Providence between 18 and 20 November, 2012. It was a grand gaming event where Starcraft elite were fighting for the first prize worth of $50,000. In his first international event, Leenock came first defeating a bunch of top-tier players, including EGHuk, EGIdra, IMMVP, SlayersMMA, SlayersBoxeR and Col.Naniwa (4:1) in the finals. Leenock was also the most played of all players at the event with a total record of 32-5 in individual games. To make this rise to #1 even more impressive –  Leenock was the second player in MGL history ever to come from the open bracket  and win!

Along with a giant trophy and a $50,000 prize, Leenock was recognized as the new game icon by thousands of Starcraft fans and players worldwide.

FXOpen congratulates Leenock on this big-time win. Knowing his powerful potential, we are sure he can keep up the great  performance in the upcoming GSL November, where he is currently in round 8 with his next opponent being TSLAlive.

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