FXOpen Announces Results of the Forex Article Contest-2

FXOpen Announces Results of the Forex Article Contest-2

The second round of the Forex Article Contest has come to an end. It lasted for about 5 weeks and drew a responce in the Forex community. Today FXOpen is glad to announce the names of the best authors.

The contest organizers are pleased to see that more traders took part in the second round. In their articles, they shared deep market knowledge and Forex trading experience. The most interesting articles were published in the company’s blogs and highlighted in the social networks.

There are 5 prizes in the second round of the competition. After careful consideration of the submitted articles by the company’s analysts and with the results of the social network voting factored in, the prizes were awarded to the following:

  • 1st place – US$500 – Dana Slimak;
  • 2nd place – US$300 – Ahmed Mohamed;
  • 3rd place – US$200 – Israa Shehata;
  • 4th place – US$150 – Alexander Semkin;
  • 5th place – US$150 – Elena Puliaeva.

When assessing the contest articles, precedence was given to high quality material. The votes in the social networks showed the articles’ popularity rating but had nothing to do with the objective assessment of the content quality. As stipulated in the terms of the competition, the FXOpen representatives reserve the right to influence the awarding process. They assumed responsibility of awarding prizes at their own discretion but taking into consideration the voting outcome.

The FXOpen team thanks all of the participants for their creativity and zeal. One contestant, Igor Titara, deserves special attention. He was awarded the title of the Most Active Participant for having submitted the most number of articles, just as he did during the first leg of the Forex Article Contest. For this, Igor receives a special $100 prize from FXOpen!

The rest of contestants will receive a consolation prize of US$10.

In conjunction with the Forex Article Contest, there was a special drawing for active social networkers: “Vote for a contest article and get a chance to win US$100!” This time, the bonus goes to David Michael H, chosen randomly for voting via the FXOpen Facebook page.

The submitted articles are available in the company’s blogs:


FXOpen congratulates all the winners and invites all others to join the January competition, the launch of which will be announced separately.

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