FXOpen Invites to Attend Forex Training Course in Cairo for Free

FXOpen Invites to Attend Forex Training Course in Cairo for Free

FXOpen has recently launched a series of Forex trading seminars in Cairo. Two of the modules have already been successfully conducted and the company is pleased to announce that for August, it is offering multilevel Forex training courses.

For newcomers who missed the previous seminars, the company offers an opportunity to take the primary-level course for free. Here’s a chance to get valuable Forex-related information and to put it into practice.

Level I (or Primary) is designed specifically to introduce you to Forex, learn about its basics, and attempt to make the first trade. This free course covers the following topics:

  1. What is Forex?
  2. FX market activity hours
  3. Why do we prefer trading in the Forex market?
  4. The difference between the stock market and the Forex
  5. How does the Forex market work?
  6. Learn how to read the FX rates for currencies
  7. The concept of Margin
  8. How to calculate profits and losses in Forex
  9. MetaTrader basics

Level II (or Medium) provides a more detailed explanation of the FX market specifics. The cost of this second-level course is 600 EGP and it covers the following topics:

  1. Detailed instruction of the MetaTrader application
  2. When to trade Forex
  3. How to choose the best broker
  4. How to open a real trading account
  5. Types of FX market analysis
  6. Fundamental analysis
  7. Movements in the economy
  8. Economic Indicators

Level III (or Advanced) is designed for those serious about gaining advanced Forex knowledge to become professional traders. The cost of this third-level course is 1,400 EGP and it covers the following topics:

  1. The news calendar
  2. Forex and the global markets
  3. Forex news schedule time
  4. Methods of news trading
  5. Japanese candles scheme
  6. How to use basic candle patterns
  7. Candles patterns
  8. How to draw trend lines
  9. How to draw channels
  10.  Levels of support and resistance
  11.  How to determine the direction of the Elliott waves
  12.  Fibonacci trading index
  13.  Moving average indicator
  14.  Bollinger Bands  indicator
  15.  Convergence and divergence indicators
  16.  Stochastic indicator
  17.  RSI indicator
  18.  Parabolic SAR indicator
  19.  Time frame
  20.  Trading strategies
  21.  Why traders lose
  22.  Psychoanalysis and market study

If you are interested in attending any of the above courses, register by calling +201113338188, +201110508899 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

The training will be held in FXOpen’s Cairo office located on the 19th floor of the World Trade Center Cornish El-Nile next to the Conrad Hotel.

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