FXOpen Offers 2-Step Verification via Google Authenticator

FXOpen Offers 2-Step Verification via Google Authenticator

Last Updated on August 1, 2019

FXOpen informs its clients about the introduction of a two-step authentication via ‘Google Authenticator’. It is a free app to ensure secured access to your FXOpen account. Earlier there was an option of SMS-verification. Today you’ve got a choice. The mechanism of authorization with Google Authenticator is particularly designed to provide an extra layer of security to your personal data and minimize the risk of having them stolen by someone else.

2-step verification requires two types of credentials. Aside from your login and password, you will also be requested to enter a 6-digit code that will appear on a separate page when signing in to your FXOpen account. This code is generated by the system each time you try to log into My FXOpen. Before, you could enjoy this option through the SMS-confirmation service.

The 2-factor authentication option with Google Authenticator is best-suited for Android, BlackBerry, iPad/iPhone or Windows Phone devices. This application is free to download and is considered a most secure soft method to determine and verify a person’s identity.

To turn on the 2-Factor Athentication, please check the detailed instructions in the FXOpen Knowledge Base.

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