FXOpen: Reduction in Manager’s Capital for PAMM Accounts

FXOpen drops Manager’s Capital to new levels: $200 for PAMM Standard and $1000 for PAMM ECN.

FXOpen is happy to announce a reduction in the levels of Manager’s Capital required for both PAMM Standard and PAMM ECN accounts. As a leading player in the FOREX broker industry, FXOpen has brought the Manager’s Capital levels down to $200 for PAMM Standard accounts and $1,000 for PAMM ECM accounts.

If initial capital has previously prevented you from starting a PAMM account then FXOpen’s new lower levels will be welcome news, opening the way for you to become a PAMM Manager.

$200 will allow you open a PAMM Standard account, while $1,000 will give you access to a PAMM ECN account, with your new account information then displayed on the list of PAMM accounts. The PAMM Account Monitoring page will publically show your trading statistics, providing you with the perfect platform to build your reputation and display your performance over time, thus increasing your standing with investors.

In order to set up a public offer for investors to join, a Manager will require a minimum of $1,000 in a PAMM Standard account, while a PAMM ECN account will require $5,000. These increased levels provide investors with a higher level of security, as the significant investment of a Manager’s own funds demonstrates the serious nature of the account, ensuring performance levels and risk management remain high.

It is also possible to add to the level of Manager’s capital over time, by depositing further funds or re-investing trading profits.

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