Get into the 2nd Round of Forex Finals

Get into the 2nd Round of Forex Finals

FXOpen invites traders to take part in the 2d Round of Forex Finals starting on the 23d of March 2015. The prize fund of the 2nd round is US$ 1300. The winner becomes the holder of a US$1000 PAMM STP account with FXOpen. The contestants who end up in the second and third places get US$200 and US$100 accordingly.

Forex Finals will consist of 6 rounds, each round lasting for 4 weeks. The winner of each tour gets a PAMM Master account with a deposit of $ 1,000 from FXOpen). You also have a chance to win the whole tournament and become a PAMM ECN Master with $ 5,000 in the account.

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After registering for any of the rounds will you automatically take part in all the remaining tours. Competition rules allow you to use any trading instruments available in STP accounts, any trading strategies, Expert Advisors or MT 4 add-ons and scripts. Depending on the profit gained in the tournament each participant receives a certain number of points. Points will then be summed up and the total result will be counted to determine the winner. Join the competition as soon as possible to increase your chances to win!

For more information and updates on the 2nd round of Forex Finals go to ForexCup forum.

Forex Finals is a long-term Forex tournament for Live accounts. Its duration is comparable to trading in a PAMM account performed by an average skilled trader. In fact, you are taking the exam for the right to trade in a PAMM account, i.e. to manage other traders’ investments in Forex. Therefore, winning the competition is like getting a certificate of a professional PAMM account Master.

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