Litecoin and EOS – Bears are in control

Litecoin and EOS – Bears are in control



The price of Litecoin has been in a decline since Tuesday when it was sitting at $166.11 and made a downfall to $130 level today, which was a decrease of 21.74%. Now the price is being traded slightly higher but is still in a downward trajectory.

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Looking at the hourly chart, you can see that the price made a breakout below the ascending channel that formed since the 11th of January when the price fell to the $112.33 area. From there a recovery was made all the way up above the $160 level but now another impulsive descending move has been seen which is most likely the continuation of the corrective decrease. If this is the three-wave corrective decline from the 10th of January the move to the downside would be expected to continue and surpass the prior low at $112 and could potentially continue all the way down to $82.9.

However, there is a possibility that this is going to be a triangle formation of the higher degree in which this three-wave move could be its first sub-wave. In that case, the price could make another significant recovery before this move to the $82.9 horizontal level. The price has found support at 0.236 Fib level at least a temporary one, so now we are going to see what happens as if it manages to stay up the recovery might come.


From its Tuesday’s high at $2.926 the price of EOS has decreased by 12.18% as it came down to $2.579 at its lowest wick today. Now the price is looking like it has stabilized above the $2.62 level and is establishing support.

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On the hourly chart, you can see that the price has made a breakout from the ascending channel like in the case of Litecoin but the pattern isn’t as similar as the price of EOS made a more significant decrease from the 10th of January till the 11th then it has now since Tuesday. We have seen a decrease of over 37% till the 11th of January and if this descending move is the continuation of that move, the price could be expected to go significantly lower. But another round of hard-selling like it occurred then isn’t likely to play out.

More likely we are going to see a further decrease to some of the horizontal support levels out of which the first one in line would be the 11th January low, but the next one is just below the $2 mark. The price could make another impulsive move to the vicinity of the lower horizontal level, but like in the case of Litecoin that might not come in a straight line.

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