New Contest from FXOpen – Scalping Virtuoso Heating up!

New Contest from FXOpen – Scalping Virtuoso Heating up!

FXOpen informs ForexCup fans about the launch of a new Forex contest – “Scalping Virtuoso.” The competition starts on December 2nd and is open for everybody. It  will last for 5 trading days and will require a token fee of US$5 for participation. 90% of all entry fees will go to the prize pool, thus, increasing the overall sum to be shared among the winners.

The new format of the competition is specifically designed for active Forex traders willing to demonstrate their excellent trading skills and set new records week by week. The main advantage and peculiarity of Scalping Virtuoso derives from its title: the contest gives the trader a chance to choose and apply unrestricted scalping strategies. It will definitely make the trading process more exciting, won’t it?

To get the contest details, please go to the ForexCup competition page and follow the discussion of FXOpen Forum.

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