New Forex Affiliate Program from FXOpen Forex Broker

New Forex Affiliate Program from FXOpen Forex Broker

FXOpen company announced its new affiliate program. The main idea is to pay fair commission to FXOpen members attracting other internet users to trade Forex.

Earnings on Forex are quite high, but at the same time Forex trading is risky.

At FXOpen you can earn both on your own trading and engaging other people to trade. In the second case your risk will be reduced to zero.

How does it work?

New Forex Affiliate Program from FXOpen Forex Broker

Each user registered at FXOpen receives his unique referral ID and becomes FXOpen agent. This ID can be placed in his referral links, banners and other promotional materials. An agent can post his referral links on forums and in blogs, promote them through e-mail marketing, share information in social networks. When somebody goes to FXOpen website through your referral link a partnership cookie is recorded in his browser. If this person register an account (the same day or within a month), he will become your referral trader. You get a commission depending on his trading volume.

What are the advantages of being FXOpen affiliate?

1. FXOpen has a commission multiplier. The higher is the trading volume of your referrals, the higher is the commission you get.

At the end of each month FXOpen recalculates total trading volume of all users attracted by each agent. The multiplier for commission calculation for the next month is determined according to the table.

Monthly trading volume Percent
ECN/PAMM ECN accounts Standard/Micro/PAMM accounts
< 500 M (millions) 15% Commission 1 pips
> 500 М (millions) 20% Commission 1.05 pips
> 1000 М (millions) 25% Commission 1.1 pips
> 3000 М (millions) 40% Commission 1.25 pips
> 5000 М (millions) 50% Commission 1.35 pips

New Forex Affiliate Program from FXOpen Forex Broker
2.Multi-level commission calculation. In other words, you earn not only on users attracted by you, but also on those attracted by your referrals.

Currently FXOpen affiliate program involves three levels. The percentage of commission calculation is as follows:

Level Commission percentage
1 100%
2 25%
3 10%

3. The lifetime of partnership cookie is 30 days. So, if the user you attracted have not registered an account at FXOpen, this does not mean that you’ve lost him. He may come back to FXOpen website a week later, register an account and become your referral and generate an income for you.

New Forex Affiliate Program from FXOpen Forex Broker
4. Fair commission calculation for PAMM accounts – in two stages. PAMM accounts differ from other account types: they can accumulate the capital of several investors with different shares. Investors may join a PAMM account and leave it after some time. It is possible that the capital of some investor participates in the transaction of order opening and is missing when order is being closed. It is quite fair in this case for the agent of this investor to receive at least some part of his commission. Therefore, FXOpen company has the following rules for commission calculation for PAMM accounts:

1. The commission is being calculated in two stages: 50% on the day of order opening and 50% on the day of order closing.
2. An agent of PAMM member receives his commission in proportion with the participation rate of this member. The participation rate of PAMM members is proportional to the volume of invested funds.

How to start earning with FXOpen?

1. Open an account with FXOpen.

You will receive your login details Immediately after completing the form.

Log in to your FXOpen personal area – click the link “My FXOpen” on

New Forex Affiliate Program from FXOpen Forex Broker

You can find a unique agent ID in your personal area at the “Partnership” section on “Referral links” tab.

New Forex Affiliate Program from FXOpen Forex Broker

2. Start attracting internet users and promote your referral link.

Referral links are available in your personal cabinet at the “Partnership” section on “Referral links” tab. You can use a ready-made code for “open links” as well as a code for making “hidden links” (when the user does not see what page he will hit in advance).

The knowledge base of FXOpen contains informers, banners, brochures and other useful promotional materials.
3. Track the number and sources of visits and the number of registrations through your referral link on “Visitors Statistics” tab and “Referrals” tab at “Partnership” section in your FXOpen cabinet.

New Forex Affiliate Program from FXOpen Forex Broker

4. Withdraw your earnings easily. It is necessary to have a verified account in order to make withdrawals. The verification procedure can be started immediately after opening an account. You have to provide proof of your identity and residential address stated.

You can withdraw money through Skrill, Payza, Allied Wallet or wire transfer. Full list of payment systems available can be found here

Good luck and high affiliate income to you!

New Forex Affiliate Program from FXOpen Forex Broker'

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