New Welcome Bonus Promotion

FXOpen Renews the Welcome Bonus Promotion for Micro and Standard Accounts

Deposit at least $100 to a Standard account and get a $25 bonus or $1 to a Micro account and get a $1 welcome bonus. Bonuses are withdrawable after making 10 Standard lots (or 100 Micro lots) of traded volume.

FXOpen, one of the leading brokers in the Forex market renews the welcome bonus promotion for Standard and Micro accounts starting October 11, 2012. Real money bonuses are a proven and effective way to give a new trader more confidence in the Forex market. With a welcome bonus, you have better chances to make a profit and additional margin to support your open trades if the market goes against you. And if you trade successfully and make a profit, you can withdraw the bonus!

Bonus Terms and Conditions:

  • Promotion is available for new e-wallets, opened on or after October 11, 2012.
  • Welcome bonuses are paid to traders after making the minimum required a deposit ($100 for a Standard account or $1 for a Micro account). The bonus for a Standard account is $25. For Micro – $1.
  • Welcome bonus is paid once, after the first deposit to your Micro or Standard account. If you have several trading accounts under one FXOpen e-Wallet, the bonus will only be added to one of your accounts (the trading account that you funded first).
  • Welcome bonuses are withdrawable after making 10 Standard lots or 100 Micro lots of traded volume. All closed trades are counted – both losing and profitable.

For details visit Our Promotions page.

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