No deposit Forex bonuses from FXOpen

No deposit Forex bonuses from FXOpen

Last Updated on August 1, 2019

Register an account in FXOpen and get a no deposit bonus ($ 25 on a Standard account and $ 1 on a Micro account). Increase the volume of trading and get a bonus of $ 100!

FXOpen, one of the leading brokers in the foreign exchange market, announces a new bonus program. Get a real money bonus to your new account and start trading on Forex with no additional investments!

No deposit bonuses for new accounts (welcome bonuses) are awarded when you open a new Standard (25 USD) or Micro (1 USD) Forex account. After you receive 25 USD or 1 USD (on your Micro account), you can trade on Forex, even if you do not have money for your first deposit.

A bonus for the volume of trade continues your successful trading experience. Increase the volume and get a bonus of 100 USD. This bonus is paid on each Standard account after the volume of closed transactions reaches 10 lots. And also on each Micro account after the total closed transactions volume reach 1000 micro-lots.

We should also mention bonuses each successful trader can get in ForexCup competitions. Such competitions allow traders to not only test their trading strategy but to make real money without any initial deposit (you get up to $ 1,000 as a prize).

You can also earn good bonuses on FXOpen Forum. The bonus is paid for each post (from 0.03 to 0.1 $), so it all depends on you – the more actively you participate in discussions, the greater additional funds you earn. Bonuses can be used to trade on a live account and also be withdrawn.

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