NuBits – Innovative and Versatile Digital Currency

23rd September 2014 marked the release of NuBits – a new cryptocurrency developed by a lead programmer – Jordan Lee – and his team.  The new digital currency is unique in its features that are designed to eliminate inherent flaws in the existing digital currencies.

It has just eased the buying, selling and transfer processes. Things have never been that much easy as now with NuBits. Transaction fee is 0.01 NBT . You can very cheaply transfer NuBits instantly all over the world. All you need is a receiver with a NuBit wallet.


One major advantage that NuBits brings over the other digital currencies is that it tends to eliminate cryptocurrency volatility through the NuShares voting system. It does so by pegging its value to the value of US dollar in 1:1 ratio. This is the feature that is believed to entice users as it will allow them to find out their NuBits’ dollar value without going through any mathematical calculation.

Contradictory to its counterparts i.e. Bitcoin and Peercoin that act both as currencies and shares, NuBits works independently as currency, while there is NuShares with a separate mechanism for shares. Although NuShares voting mechanism involves NuBits, it operates independently however. The currency value does not get affected and it remains stable & secure.

NuBits entices potential users with its hassle-free features:

  • NuBits wallet available for free download
  • No geographical barriers
  • No documentation required

How to Start?

You can start by downloading the NuBits wallet from the official website and then contact an exchange to buy NuBits. The cyrptocurrency could be used for buying, selling or trading without any fear of volatility. We suggest giving this newly developed digital currency a chance in order to explore its hidden advantages.

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