Results of Chinese Forex Championship from FXOpen

Results of Chinese Forex Championship from FXOpen

FXOpen has collated the results of the Chinese Forex Championship that was held in January-February 2014. The Championship became one of the landmark events for Forex traders, sponsored by FXOpen.

During the whole competition – 8 trading weeks – Chinese traders strived to demonstrate their superiority in Forex trading. Three of them showed the outstanding results and proved to be the contest leaders. They were rewarded with the main prizes of US$3,000, US$1,800, US$1,200 for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, respectively.

Chuan Feng Lin became the main prize winner and the holder of the Best Chinese Trader title. He made 1060% profit during the whole contest period. His result appeared to be a record among the rest 1097 participants.

Zhongqing Yang with 1002% profit took the 2nd place, while Ping Zheng with 950% profit – the 3rd place.

According to the contest rules, only the Chinese traders could claim the main prizes, while everyone able to make at least 20% profit could get a bonus to their real account. Thus, 217 traders shared the bonus fund totaling US$4,000!

FXOpen congratulates the winners and wishes all the contestants new achievements!

For the details on the Chinese Forex Championship, please go to

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