The winner of April’s ForexCup Trading Contest Shares her Secret

The winner of April’s ForexCup Trading Contest Shares her Secret

A monthly Forex trading contest FX Market Masters APRIL sponsored by FXOpen gathered 831 participants. The main prize was worth to compete – the opportunity to become the manager of a PAMM ECN account with manager’s capital of $1020 provided by FXOpen.

The first prize belongs to Hathana (a female trader from Jordan). She managed to increase the starting deposit of $5000 up to $29379. Hathana focused on most popular currency pair  –  EUR/USD. It was a wise choice  –  out of 19 trades, that Hathana made during the month, all were profitable, not a single losing trade! Amazing results shown by amazing woman from Jordan!

We contacted the winner to congratulate her on the victory and Hathana kindly answered some questions for us and shared her thoughts on Forex trading and ForexCup contests.

Could you please tell us some words about yourself.

I am a 36 years Jordanian female living in Amman. I have 3 kids.

How long have you been trading Forex?  How did you start to trade?
I am trading forex since 3 years. I knew about forex from advertisements.

How long have you been participating in FXOpen’s ForexCup competitions? Do you participate in any other competitions sponsored by other brokers at the same time? How did you learn about the ForexCup project?
I learnt about ForexCup project through one of my friends where I won many times.

What benefits and drawbacks can you point out, how can we further improve ForexCup?
Regarding the monthly competitions: It is better to increase the max number of orders at the same time to 10 orders and to increase the leverage to 200
Regarding the weekly competitions: It is better to increase the max number of orders at the same time to 5 orders and to increase the leverage to 200

Is Forex trading and participation in the competitions is your primary income or it is just an additional hobby?
Forex trading is a main income.
Participating in competition is an additional hobby.

When did you realize that you started to win the competition? Describe your emotions at the moment when you became the winner of the competition.
I realized that I will be one of the winners in the 2nd week.
I was very happy when the results were announced.

What is the secret of your successful trading? What helped you to win?
No secrets. Technical analysis

How do you plan to dispose of the prize? Is it your real aim to become a manager of a PAMM ECN account or the financial prize that you can dispose of in your own way is more attractive to you?
The future will determine this issue.

Could you please give some advice to all traders and participants of the competitions on the threshold of 2012.
Don’t ever give up.

We would like to congratulate Hathana on this impressive victory!

New exciting competitions are coming soon at  FXOpen will continue offering the opportunity to manage a PAMM ECN account to contest winners. And more real money prizes and bonuses are waiting for the top traders.

Do not miss your chance! Take the challenge and join!

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