The winner’s trading horror story

The winner’s trading horror story

Last Updated on November 1, 2019

It was Thursday and it was late. It was raining and thunder rolled over the rooftops.

I was looking through financial news and thought about calling it a night.

I felt chills running down my spine when I heard the footsteps approaching and the raspy voice whispered straight into my ear: “You will open 100 lots EURCAD sell position if you want to live…”

With trembling hands I opened the FXOpen MT4 platform. I didn’t have enough money to open this kind of volume, even if I closed my current positions. I wondered if it was just a dream…

But then I saw the putrefying hand on my shoulder – “What are you waiting for?”

I called FXOpen live trading support with the request to increase my leverage. The support employee informed me about the risks of higher leverage and asked me if I still wanted to set it at 1:500. Little did he know that the only risk I was worried about was the risk to annoy my zombie visitor.

I hung up, closed my existing positions and quickly opened EURCAD 100 lots, as my new friend requested.

“Good boy” – I heard laughter behind my back.

I looked at the chart and saw that the market started quickly moving in my favor. 10% profit, 20%, 50%.

“Now cloooooose” – and I obeyed the order.

I made $666 666 in 3 minutes.

Maybe the zombie was my friend after all?

“Now you will withdraw everything, convert it to gold coins and bring it to me!!!”

I wondered where it was.

“Central cemetery, 3d alley, 13th grave – you will see a sepulture with the name High Leverage. Open the grave and pour the coins inside… And don’t think about tricking me!!!”


The story is written by Mathias from Sweden, account number 714216. We congratulate the winner and will credit 100 USD to his FXOpen trading account.

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