TOP PAMM Accounts of 2020: Overview

TOP PAMM Accounts of 2020: Overview

We wish all traders, managers, and investors a happy 2021! We wish you confident trading, high-yield investments, and success in all your endeavors!

The end of December and the beginning of January is a difficult period on the market. During this time, the market is called thin because only professionals can trade confidently. And of course, any investor is always on the lookout for managers that will be stable and profitable under any conditions, to have the most balanced portfolio after the holidays with minimal risk of losses.  How was the year 2020 memorable for us, and which accounts turned out to be the best in the race?


This account is particularly interesting because it is a PAMM CRYPTO. The manager trades cryptocurrencies in a growing market. Although December was not entirely successful for the account, the manager has already been able to close the drawdown and climb into positive territory. According to the results of 2020, the gain was 89%. It is worth reminding that the trader commented on their trading, answering an investor’s question:

I trade both with an advisor and manually. The advisor is trending and doesn’t fit the trading range well (it has a significant drawdown, like in the past period with crypto), but has good returns over a long period, so it’s good if you enter for at least a few months. And at the same time I trade manually with classic technical analysis to catch a reversal or a good opportunity.

TOP PAMM Accounts of 2020: Overview


In 2020, the manager showed successful trading and was able to gain more than 180% returns for the year. The maximum drawdown on the account is still only 17.15%, which shows that they trade with very moderate risks, controlling all market entries. December was also a rewarding month with an 8.78% gain. The major currency pairs in trading are AUD/CAD, NZD/CAD, AUD/NZD. The minimum offer to join the manager is 200 USD. The penalty for early withdrawal is only 5%.

TOP PAMM Accounts of 2020: Overview


The manager has had only two months in 2020 that were loss-making, and lately, trading looks quite confident. In the last six months, there has been a positive trend. In December, the gain was +6.52%. The main pairs traded in December are USD/CAD, USD/CHF, and GBP/USD. Since May, there is minimal deposit load, and the drawdown did not exceed 15.68%. The offer is quite profitable, and it is possible to join with just 100 USD. There is no penalty for early withdrawal.

TOP PAMM Accounts of 2020: Overview


The trader’s account will suit fans of conservative trading. It is the most conservative and longest-running PAMM manager on the FXOpen platform. They showed a 13% gain in 2020, which doesn’t bother its subscribers, the number of them being 139 already. The account was opened in 2011, and 67% of its trades are profitable. The manager has a large number of offers, the terms of which depend on the financial capabilities of investors. It is possible to start investing with as little as $1.

TOP PAMM Accounts of 2020: Overview


This is a relatively new manager, who has already been able to prove themselves in a positive way. He has been trading on the platform since June 2020 and this year was able to make 20% gains. The maximum drawdown was only 5.69%. The deposit loading did not exceed 2% during the entire trading period. Trading is mostly conducted in cross pairs. The negative weeks are very rare. At the moment of writing the review, there is no floating drawdown. The manager has a wide choice of offers, and you can join the account with the amount of $1 and no penalty for early withdrawal.

TOP PAMM Accounts of 2020: Overview


The manager trades with confidence. The account was opened in October 2019. The deposit load did not exceed 11.41%. The maximum drawdown since September did not exceed 27.70%, and in December it was not more than 8%. Trading is long term and only index #NDXm. During 2020 the gain was 85.64%, including 6.96% in December. It is possible to join the account from 1 USD, and 16% of the gain is received by the manager.

TOP PAMM Accounts of 2020: Overview


The manager trades quite aggressively, but their gains are substantial. In 2020 the gain was 170%. To benefit from this account, it is better to enter on drawdowns. In December, the profit was +33.37%. Trading is conducted in gold and the #NDXm index. At the time of writing the review, there is a floating drawdown. It is advisable to monitor the account and invest when there is a positive trend.

TOP PAMM Accounts of 2020: Overview


The trader’s account is opened in euros. Trading is mostly conducted by short trades, only sometimes the manager holds positions for weeks and months. The maximum drawdown on the account did not exceed 27%, with the maximum drawdown of less than 13% in December. Trading can be characterized as moderate. In December, the manager managed to show a 37% gain and more than 160% for the whole account history.

TOP PAMM Accounts of 2020: Overview


This is another manager trading on PAMM CRYPTO. The account was opened in September 2020. Since the opening of the account, the gain was 57.71%. The trader also shows positive dynamics in January. The manager trades mostly ETH/USD pair, which is relevant at the moment. It is possible to join the manager for the amount of 100 USD.

TOP PAMM Accounts of 2020: Overview

These were the top 10 PAMM accounts that we recommend for their stability, long term profitability and proper money management. We wish everyone a confident 2021!

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