Weak US Dollar Ahead of Critical Inflation Data

Weak US Dollar Ahead of Critical Inflation Data

Last Updated on June 7, 2021

The US dollar reacted strongly to the June NFP report released last Friday and declined across the board. The US economy added fewer than expected jobs in May, but the unemployment rate declined to 5.8%.

The reaction in the dollar may have come as a result of traders and other market participants preparing for the inflation data later this week. On Thursday, right when the European Central Bank is presenting its June decision, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) from the United States is released.

Weak US Dollar Ahead of Critical Inflation Data

Rising Inflation – Bullish or Bearish for the US Dollar

One month ago, the US dollar declined on the CPI release. The April headline and core inflation data showed rising prices, and the dollar took a dive.

However, dollar bears should keep in mind two things. First, it is not the first time in history when higher inflation may lead to a stronger, not a weaker, dollar. A close look at what happened in the 1970s, a period known as one with higher inflation, will show that the dollar may get stronger on rising prices.

Second, the core inflation difference between Europe and the United States suggests we may see a stronger dollar in the second half of the year. The core inflation difference leads five months, and so far it correlated perfectly with the EUR/USD exchange rate. More precisely, it points to a much lower EUR/USD than the current levels, something that dollar bears may want to consider.

This week, the ECB monetary policy decision will trigger volatility on the euro pairs, but the market participants will also look at the tapering message. Next week it is the Fed’s turn to talk about tapering, and the difference between the two statements will be the driver for the EUR/USD exchange rate.

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